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Visiting a zoowildlife park or other accredited captive animal facilities are good places to see meerkats, rather than going through the expensive drama of trying to purchase one as a pet or travel to Africa. Some institutes, at additional charge, allow visiters to feed the meerkats and adopt or sponsor one. Below is a list of zoos, shelters or parks that are currently holding or have held meerkats. Please note: these lists are incomplete for some countries.

United StatesEdit

  • Los Angeles Zoo

    Los Angeles Zoo

  • Staten Island Zoo
  • Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium
  • Woodland Park Zoo

United KingdomEdit

  • Axe Valley Bird and Animal Park
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens
Bristol Zoo Gardens Meerkats

Bristol Meerkats Playing

  • Five Sisters Zoo
London Zoo Meerkat

London Zoo

  • London Zoo
  • Paradise Wildlife Park
  • Twinlakes Animal Theme Park
  • Belfast Zoo
  • Whipsnade Zoo
Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade Zoo

  • Beale Wildlife Park and Gardens
  • Hamerton Zoo Park
  • Chester Zoo
  • Newquay Zoo
  • Paignton Zoo Environmental Park
  • Lakeland Wildlife Oasis
  • Trotters World of Animals
  • Dartmoor Zoological Park
  • Drusillas Park
  • Screech Owl Sanctuary
  • Shaldon Wildlife Trust
  • Woodlands Park
  • Exmoor Zoo
Exmoor Zoo

Exmoor Zoo

  • Colchester Zoo
  • Old MacDonald's Farm
  • Marwell Wildlife

  • Paulton's Park
  • Amazon World Zoo Park
  • Seaview Wildlife Encounter
  • Beaver Water World
  • Port Lympne Wild Animal & Safari Park
  • Wingham Wildlife Park
  • Howlett's Aspinalls Wild Animal Park
  • Twinlakes Theme Park
  • Blackpool Zoo
  • Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park
  • Battersea Park Children's Zoo
  • Knowsley Safari Park
  • Banham Zoo
  • Flamingo Land
Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land

  • Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens
  • Kirkleatham Owl Centre
  • Thorp Perrow Aboretum
  • Eshott Heugh Animal Park
  • Wheelgate Adventure Park
  • Cotsworld Wildlife Park
  • Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom
  • Noah's Ark Zoo Farm
  • Tropoquaria
  • Tropical World Roundhay Park
  • Blackbrook Zoological Park
  • Drayton Manor
  • Africa Alive
  • Chessington World of Adventures
  • Twycross Zoo
Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo

  • Birmingham Nature Centre
  • Dudley Zoological Gardens
  • Loneleat Safari and Adventure Park
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • Welsh Mountain Zoo
  • Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo
  • Blackisle Wildlife Park
  • Durrell Wildlife Park
  • Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park
  • Edinburgh Zoo
  • Curraghs Wildlife Park


White meerkat 06 by meerkat gal-d5wblsj

Adelaide Zoo

  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Altina Wildlife Park
  • Billabong Wildlife Park
  • Gorge Wildlife Park
  • Halls Gap Zoo
  • Hunter Valley Zoo
    Taronga Western Plains Zoo

    Western Plains Zoo

  • Melbourne Zoo
  • Mogo Zoo
  • Monarto Zoo
  • National Zoo and Aquarium
  • Perth Zoo
    Symbio wildlife park

    Symbio Wildlife Park

  • Symbio Wildlife Park
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Taronga Western Plains Zoo
  • Tasmania Zoo
  • Werribee Open Range Zoo
  • Zoodoo Wildlife Park



  • Edmonton Valley Zoo
Muriel, January 2008

Edmonton Valley Zoo


  • Ameins Zoo
  • Amneville Zoo
  • La Palmyre Zoo
  • Le Vigen Zoo
  • Paris Zoo
  • Thoriy Safari

New ZealandEdit

  • Auckland Zoo
    Meerkat at Wellington Zoo

    Wellington Zoo

  • Wellington Zoo


  • Singapore Zoo


Chico Los Angeles Zoo

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