Zola(VRRF138) was born in January 2011 in the Rascals. Her mother was Sancerre, the dominant female of the Rascals, and her father was most likely the dominant male Grus. Zola was born in an average litter of four, her litter-mates included her one sister named Edna May(VRRF137) and her two brothers named Potjie(VRRM136) and Dizzie(VRRM139). They were Sancerre's first surviving litter ever. Sancerre had been the dominant female of the Rascals for a year; however, she kept aborting or losing her litters to her sister. At three weeks of age, Zola and her litter-mates emerged for the first time, but they were not old enough to go out foraging with the adults. Zola and her siblings were forced to spent another week at the burrow before they were strong enough to forage with the group. At four weeks, the pups went with the adults, but the Rascals had few adults to look after the pups. Sadly, in February 2011, Zola was predated, but her three litter-mates all survived to adulthood.


Rascals Mob

Sancerre Rascals

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