Zikomo(VBBF008) was born in the Baobab on January 25, 2008. Her mother was Hawkeye and her father is one of the three males, probably Al Pacino. She was born with five litter-mates, Njovu(VBBF007), Kiboko(VBBM007), Kiango(VBBF005), Mumbulu(VBBM004) and Kaya Mawa(VBBF009). The six pups survivied. On April 13, 2008 Hawkeye gave birth to Moby, Honey, Porcelain, VBBP016 and VBBP017 but VBBP016 and VBBP017 died. In July 2008 the group splits and Petra, Cheetara, Kaya Mawa, Jason Bourne, Scorpion King went with the smaller group. The main group consisted of Hawkeye, Al Capone, Al Catraz, Al Pacino, Zikomo, Njova, Porcelain, Moby, She-Ra, Honey and Kiboko. When the groups rejoin, Hawkeye was deposed by Cruise but soon Zikomo's mother Hawkeye overthrew Cruise. Hawkeye held her status as the dominant female. In late 2009, eight meerkats splinter away from the Baobab and form the Urukhai group but the meerkat rejoined the Baobab. Sadly Hawkeye died in April 2010. Zikomo was one of the oldest females in the group but her aunt Cruise became the dominant female. Cruise aborted her next litter but the next time she got pregnant she evicted Zikomo. She also evicted She-Ra, Honey, Spactula, Smap, Nipplescratcher, Legtis Magma and Akikio. All the females but SPactula left the group and most likely joined wild males. Zikomo may have tooken dominance of the new group. They were Last Seen.


Baobab Mob

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