Yardies Mob
Date of Forming
August 2011
Paymister, Superman, Rafola, VTYM028, VTYM032, VTYM034, VGZF001, VGZF002, VGZF003, VGZF004, VGZF005 and VYDM001
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Pregnant Meerkat(s)
VYDF002 and VYDF003
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)
Absent Meerkat(s)

The Yardies were founded in August 2011 by Toyota rovers who teamed up with Godzilla females. They were also in the company of a wild male. The wild male assumed male dominance after Superman and Paymister died of disease. however none of the Godzilla females were able to established a slear dominance. After the disappearance of the Godzilla females, two wild females joined the group and produced a litter of pups but they could not stop the down fall of the Yardies. The Toyota males disappeared and with no habituated meerkats, the Yardies were no longer followed. The Toyota maled however reappared and joined the Godzilla in June 2012.

Dominant Pair

After the group formed, Scarface claimed dominant male position. The Godzilla females could never established a clear dominance and disappeared. Two wild females joined the group but the Yardies were no longer followed before the wild females could take the dominant female position.

Last Known Members

The Yardies had 5 members in April 2012.

Scarface (VYDM001) Dominant Male

Busty Le Roux (VYDF002)

Busty Le Roux (VYDF003)




The Yardies held a small territory near the Toyota. Their other rivals may have been the Godzilla Mob and a wild group however they were lost before any encounters could happen.

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