Woolf Kung Fu


Date of Birth
January 28, 2008
Date of Death
January 28-31, 2010
Casue of Death
Last Seen
Eliot, McDreamy, VKUP003, Bauer and VKUP007
Known for
Born in the first Kung Fu litter

Woolf(VKUM008) was born in the Kung Fu on January 28, 2008. His mother was Benzedrine and his father was Clinton Baptiste the dominant male at the time. Woolf was born in a litter of six, his litter-mates consisted of VKUP003, Eliot(VKUM004), Bauer(VKUM006) , McDreamy(VKUF005) and VKUP007. Their mother Benezdrine had taken a subordinate role in the mob, however Clinton Baptiste had established himself as the dominant male of the group. He had mated with Benezdrine before dominance was declared over the Kung Fu. Woolf had been born in the first litter of the Kung Fu. All six pups surviuved their first four weeks and started foraging with the adults. The Kung Fu was a new mob with few adults. Sadly both VKUP003 and VKUP007 died as pups. Then soon after the dominant male of the group and  Woolf's father Clinton Baptiste disappeared with one of the wild males. A Whiskers male named Ningaloo a Whisker male took over as dominant male of the Kung Fu. Then in 2008 Benzedrine was evicted from the group and with Ningaloo's younger sister Finn to form the Sequoia Mob. Despite the fact all the adults but the dominant pair had left the group Woold and his three remaining litter-mates survived through their first year and became full grown adult meerkats. Woolf started to take a more active role in the mob by babysitting and keeping a guard post. Like all adult males, Woolf started started to take an interest in roving with his two brothers. He was mostly seen roving at the nearby Whiskers and Sequoia, his mother's mob. Woold remained in the Kung Fu for two years before he and his brother Eliot disappeared after taking to roving. He was Last Seen between 28-31 of January 2010.


Kung Fu Mob

Benzedrine Commandos

Clinton Baptiste Frisky

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