Wolfie(VLM216) was born into the Lazuli Mob in November 2014. His mother was a subordinate female, Alan Johnson's Beamer, and his father was an unknown male. His litter-mates were Percy(VLM214) and VLF215. In January 2015 VLF215 died and Percy was predated. This left Wolfie as the last of his litter. He went roving for the first time in February 2016 and continued to rove reguarly until he left the Lazuli alone in August 2016.


The same month he left the Lazuli in November 2016, Wolfie joined the Ewoks. The Ewoks at the time were suffering from TB and had lost all but two sub-adult males, VEKM047 and Voldemort one female Edzna. Wolfie took dominance easily, however, in February the dominant female Edzna died of TB. She was the only one with a radio collar so Wolfie and the last surviving male Voldemort were Last Seen in February 2017.

Storm Troopers

Wolfie made a very surprising reappearance one month later in March. He was found with Voldemort, Tigi, one wild female, VSOF001 and one pup, VSOP002. Wolfie was observed to be the dominant male. Wolfie is still alive and living in the Storm Troopers today.


Alan Johnson's Beamer Lazuli

Lazuli Mob

Storm Troopers

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