Whitson Moomins


Date of Birth
November 2008
Date of Death
March 2010 Last Seen
Cause of Death
Frida and Unknown Male
Known For
Frida's son

Whitson(VMMM057) was born in November 2008 in the Moomins Mob to subordinate female Frida. She gave birth to five pups. His litter-mates were McGirky(VMMM053), Lydia Teapot(VMMF055), Beezelle(VMMM054) and Grubby(VMMM056). This wasn't Frida's first litter. She already had three daughters from her first litter: Sexi Plexi(VMMF046), Bubble Toes(VMMF048) and Elian(VMMF049). In April 2009 dominant female Grumpy gave birth to six pups. Then her daughter Hemulen took dominant female position away from her mother. Grumpy died two months later. Then in July 2009 Hemulen evicted Whitson's mother Frida and aunts Regopstaan and Misable. His older sister Sexi Plexi disappeared. The females after though to have formed a new group with wild males. Whitson and his siblings make up most of the Moomins mob. In March 2010, Hemulen died of TB. Now the position of dominant female is open to his sisters Bubble Toes, Elian and Lydia Teapot. He and his brothers are the oldest males in the group. Whitson is nearly a year and a half old now. He may take to roving soon with his brothers. The Moomins disappeared after Hemulen died. He may reappear as arover at other group like the Aztecs and Baobab.


Mother: Frida.

Father: Maybe Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael  or Michelangelo.

Sisters: Lydia Teapot.

Brothers: Beezelle, Grubby and McGirky.


Moomins Mob

Frida Moomins

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