White Russain(VEKF023) was born in the Ewoks Mob in Janaury 2014. Her mother was dominant female McDreamy and her father was most likely Tigi the dominant male of the Ewoks. White Russian's litter-mates were her brother named Scrappy McSandypants(VEKM024)  and sister named Sarah-Jane(VEKF025). The pups survived their first year. In October Sarah-Jane was evicted and left with three other females to form a subgroup but rejoined a week later. In Janaury 2016 McDreamy died, White Russian was one of the oldest females in the group however she didn't take dominance but her older sister Edzna. In Febaury a group of JaXX joined the group while Tigi and the other males were way roving, including Scrappy McSandypants. In March White Russian was pregnant for the first time along with Edzna, but she wisely aborted her litter along with VEKF032 and avoided eviction. White Russain is still alive living in the Ewoks today.


Ewoks Mob

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