Wensleydale II(VAZF049) was born in March 2-6, 2012, in the Aztecs Mob into a mixed litter. Her mother was either Monkulus, Kathleen or Santa and her father was an unknown rover, most likely Sequoia or Van Helsing males that visited the group a few months before Wensleydale II was born. After her birth, Kathleen was evicted from the group. Wensleydale II had one litter-mate sister Inga(VAZF052) and three litter-mate brother Ole(VAZM050), Lasse(VAZM051) and Bosse(VAZM053). All five pups sirvived their first three weeks and emerged. At four weeks the pups started to go foraging with the adults. Sadly in May 2012, Wensleydale II was predated.


Aztecs Mob Monkulus Whiskers

Kathleen Aztecs

Santa Aztecs

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