Wenis(VRRF133) was born in September 2010 in the Rascals. Her mother was Lyra and her father was an unknown rover. Her litter-mates were her sisters Coccyx(VRRF0134) and Mushy(VRRF135) and brother Gooch(VRRM132). Wenis' mother was not the dominant female but her aunt Sancerre and even though she was pregnant, she allow the subordinate litter to remain in the Rascals. Wenis and her litter survived their first three months. In December 2010 Lyra was evicted along with Rioja, Ara, Vela and Calendula, only Ara returned to the group while the other females disappeared. Wenis and her siblings survived to adulthood. Wenis's sisters Coccyx and Mushy fall pregnant to rovers, Sancerre was also pregnant. Mushy lost her litter while Sancerre and Coccyx gave birth to a mix litter. Wenis was old enough to help out with the new litter. As one of the oldest females in the group, Wenis started to be evicted by Sancerre. In December 2011 Wenis and Ara aborted their litters and were evicted by pregnant Sancerre. The following month Wenis was evicted again along with Ara and Mushy. The females were able to return after Sancerre gave birth. In September 2012, Wenis was evicted again and was absent along with Ara, Coccyx and Mushy. In August 2013, Wenis was considered Last Seen. She failed to appear at the end of the month. It is unclear at this time what happened to her. 


Rascals Mob

Lyra Rascals

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