Wee Radge(VSQF019) was born in March 2010 in the Sequoia Mob. Her mother was Benzedrine and her father was Bruce, the dominant pair. Her litter-mates were Staculius(VSQM022), Todger(VSQM023), VSQFO20 and VSQF021. A month after birth Wee Radge's two sisters, VSQF020 and VSQF021, were predated. Wee Radge and her two brothers survived through their first year. Wee Radge became pregnant in October 2011 after mating with an unknwon rover, but she aborted the litter. In November the Sequoia split into two groups. Wee Radge rejoined the main group in January 2012, but was quickly evicted.


In April 2012 the splinter group was found and called the Hooligans. Wee Radge and her younger brother, Kodiak, were not with the others and were considered Last Seen.


Sequoia Mob

Hooligans Mob

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