Wasabi(VNEM028) was born in December 2010 in the Nequoia. His mother was Kikka, and his father was an unknown rover. Wasabi was born with three litter-mate brothers: VNEM027, Doug(VNEM029), and Mr. Mumbles(VNEM030). Their mother was not the dominant female; instead, his aunt Kaluha was, but because she had no pups of her own, so she allowed the litter to survive. The following month, Wasabi was absent at the end of the month and was considered to have been predated, but Wasabi returned in early February. His mother Kikka was pregnant again and gave birth in March to three pups. Sadly that same month VNEF027 was predated. Wasabi and his two remaining brothers survived to adulthood. Sadly, in Janaury 2012 Wasabi was predated.


Nequoia Mob

Kikka Nequoia

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