Viv'e(VVF051) was born on September 4, 2002 in the Vivian Mob. Their mother was Rhian and and her father was a rover named Snert. Viv'e was born in a litter of three, her litters-mates were her onebrother named Vervain(VVM049)AND sister Velvet(VVF050). Rhian was the new dominant female of the Vivian and this was her first litter. Soon after a group of Young Ones rovers join the Vivian with Jim Bob taking dominance. Viv'e and her litter survived their first two years in the Vivian. Soon Viv'e and her sister became the oldest subordinate females in the group and were the most likely to take dominance after Rhian but they were also more likely to be evicted. In mid 2002 Rhian was pregnant and started o evicted soemfemales fromt he group staring with Viv'e and Velvet. Soon she evicted Uacari, Mangabey and Sifaka who met up with Viv'e and Velvet.


The five evicted seemed came acoss the Vivian's long-term rivals the Balrog Mob. There was only one female left in the group while all the other members were male. The five Vivian females easily made their way into the group on September 7, 2003. The dominant male was named Balrog and probably the brother of Snert. Soon the competition for dominance began, Viv'e and Velvet were the same age so the made compitition was between the two sisters. Viv'e was bigger but Velvet ousted her and became the dominant female. All the Vivian females were pregnant and gave birth, however only Mangabey's four pups survived. On November 14, 2003 Viv'e aborted her first litter.That same day Velvet lost her litter. In early December the three younger Vivian females were evicted and dispersed leaving only Viv'e as a contentor for Velvet's dominance. In the last days of December Viv'e may have killed Velvet's litter but she soon aborted her own. In February 2004, both Viv'e and Velvet killed Cinders' litter. On March 12, 2004 Viv'e finally gave birth to Mussolini, Castro and Gadafi. This was the first surviving litter born in the Balrog in over a year. All three pups survived. In September Velvet was pregnant and started to evicted females form the group starting with Viv'e. She was not seen again after this and was Last Seen on September 28, 2004.


Vivian Mob

Mussolini Balrog

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