was born in the Elveera on April 3, 2008. Her Mother was Jo Jo Hello and her father was Habusu. Her litter mates were her brother James Bond(VEM131) and her sister Nathalie(VEF133). The three pups survived to adulthood. Sadly disease took Vidy's mother Jo Jo Hello in June 2009. Vidy didn't become the new dominant female being one of the youngest adult females in the Elveera. Vidy was a subordinate female under her older sister Chibuku Scud the new dominant female. She didn't have any successful litters recorded, she stayed away from rovers. Like all subordinate meerkats, she babysat the groups pups. However Nathalie mated with a rover, possibly Axel and gave birth to a litter of pups, only one survived. In early 2009 the first case of TB was observed in the group. Most of the memebers split away, Vidy's litter-mates amoung them. Only four members remained, Chibuku Scub, Teabag, Mika and Vidy and the remaining members succumbed to disease. Vidy died in Augiust 2009 and her litter-mates were Last Seen.


Mother: Jo Jo Hello

Father: Habusu

Brother: James Bond

Sister: Nathalie


Elveera Mob

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