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Van Helsing Mob

Flo DF

Date of Forming
January 2008
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Pregnant Meerkat(s)
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)
Absent Meerkat(s)

The Van Helsing Mob was formed in January 2008 when three Whiskers females along with four pups teamed up with two wild males. Dominance was taken by Titan and Flo. The group has been growing due to the females ability to raise succsesful litters. In September, 2009 Flo was overthrown and later disappeared. In June 2011, five Van Helsing males joined up with Aztecs females and formed the Pandora Mob. Billy was taken by a predator in April 2013 and her daughter Frusciante established dominance even though she was not the oldest female in the group. However, she was eventually overthrown by her older sister Bes 1. After Titan left the group, Romburg became the natal dominant male. After he left to rove VVHM068 joined the group and became the next dominant male. In March 2014 Bes 1 was overthrown by Egg and Chemical Kev's Moped became the dominant male.

Dominant Pair Edit

When the Van Helsing came into existence, the position of dominant female was taken by Flo and dominant male was taken by Titan. However, Flo was overthrown by her younger sister Billy and sadly went missing. Billy reigned for three years, until she was sadly predated in April 2013. Her daughter Frusciante became the next dominant female even though she was not the oldest female in the group. Following this, the long-term dominant male Titan left the group. For two months there was no dominant male until September when Romburg finally took dominance over the group. In late 2013 Frusciante was overthrown and Bes 1 became the new dominant female. After Romburg took to roving a wild male, VVHM068, joined the group and took dominance. In March 2014 the group underwent changes again, Egg became the new dominant female and Chemical Kev's Moped became the dominant male.

Current MembersEdit

The Van Helsing have 20 members as of October 2015.

Egg (VVHF042) Dominant female

Chemical Kev's Moped (VVHM074) Dominant male

Vladamir (VVHM071)

Theo (VVHF072)

Dolly (VVHF073)

Brazilian Buttslap (VVHM076)

Soul Seducer (VVHM077)

Angus (VVHM078)

Howard (VVHM082)

Toby (VVHM083)











Rival Mobs Edit

Van Helsing has a huge territory north of the farm house and have had many rivals over the years. Their first rivals were the Baobab, Aztecs and the Nequoia. A wild group called the Misfits later became the Van Helsing's rivals, but they eventually disappeared as they could not be fully habituated. In 2013 the Sequoia and Mayans became the Van Helsing's new rivals, but the Mayans moved away and the Sequoia died down due to disease. Following that the Van Helsing avoided group encounters for an entire year, probably due to their large intimidating size. Today the Van Helsing territory boarders wild groups. 

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