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Van Der Wethuizen
Wild,Toyota, Pretenders(Sequoia2)
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Date of Birth
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Date of Death
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Cause of Death
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Known For
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Also Known As
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Van Der Westuizen was born in a wild, unknown, group of meerkats(thought to be Abba). He was first seen on January 17, 2008 with two other wild males, Greegan and Bracken and three Whiskers Mob females Finn, Miss Lily the Pink, and Ju Drop. The group became known as the Toyota Mob. Greegan and Finn took dominance. Finn and Miss Lily the Pink gave birth to a mix litter of four pups Stop it, Morgs, VTYF005 and VTYP007. VTYF005 and VTYP007 Then, in July of that same year, Ju Drop desoped Finn. Finn was evicted and joined up with a commandos female Benzedrine and was join by Van Der Westuizen and Bracken. After an IGI the next month however both Toyota males returned. A few months later however Bracken and Van Der Westuizen rejoined Sequoia with other males however Bracken disapeared and Van De Westuizen was last seen a few months later.

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