VPTF001 was the new dominant female of the Pretenders group. She was thought to become dominant after the sad death of Finn. In November 2009 she gave birth. In December, 2009 one pup VPTP005 has emerged and started foraging with the group. Sadly one of the subordinate males has died Sid Vicous and VPTM003 left the group presumbly to go roving. While they were away a wild indivudal VPTM006 has imigrated into the group and is thought to have taken dominance. VPTF001 is thought to be one of the Sequoia juveniles that was in the group split in late 2009. VPTM002 and VPTM003 are suspected as well one of the them to be the other juvenile with the other one of the two pups.


Sid Vicious Hoax

Pretenders Mob

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