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    Brave Little Ernesto

    May 17, 2012 by Sir Rock

    Ernesto is a Whisker male, son of Ella and Thundercat. He became a fan-favorite after suffering from a snake bite like his uncle Shakespear did in the first episode of Meerkat Manor. I was a fan of Ernesto before he was seen on 24/7 Wild (Planet Earth Live). On facebook, Planet Earth Live has been giving updates on each of the animals, they metion that Ernesto was touch and go for a while and disappeared for two days before reappearing alive but his face was swollen from the venom. The first day is usually the worse and the most likely the meerkat will die, so if they survive the first day or so they have a better chance at surviving. However he is not out of the woods yet, he is week, he hasn't eaten for two days, and he is more likely to…

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  • Sir Rock

    The Whiskers' Queen

    January 16, 2011 by Sir Rock

    The fourth Anniversary of Flower's death is coming. I wasn't much of a Flower fan. I don't think she was any specialer than the other dominant females like Moragause or Mabili who had longer reings as the dominant female of their own groups. The only differance was her life was filmed. Veiwers who have fallen in love with Grumpy if it was her life that was filmed.

    Flower was born on March 12, 2000 in the Whiskers along with her sister Petal and brother Hazel and Thumper. Flower wasn't a very notible meerkat in the group. There was nothing specail about her, unlike what was said in the Movie, she was another face in the crowd. Flower had a hand in her sister's death, poor Vialli tried to save Petal. In 2002 when she became the dominant femal…

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  • Sir Rock

    The King of the Kalahari

    December 5, 2010 by Sir Rock

    Zaphod was the oldest meerkat at the Kalahari Meerkat Project today. He was born on December 9, 1998 in the Vivian Mob and lived to the age of 12. He has lived a long time and has become a wise old meerkat. He is far from the days when he was just a pup in the Vivian. He became a rover and the dominant male of the Whiskers. He has seen many rainy seasons and many group encounters with rivals. Now a days he acts as the grandfather figure to Monkulus' pups, even though he isn't really her father but her uncle. Zaphod is an amazing meerkat indeed since he has done a lot of great things in his long life.

    Now we shouldn't forget his litter-mates. He had one sister named Rapunzel and one brother named Yossarian. Both are no longer with us.

    He beca…

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  • Sir Rock

    Here are my favorite Meerkat Manor Episodes. I will ordinzie them in oder of Season so I can keep track. You can leave yours in a comment but you don't have to put them in order. I know comments are rather smooshed together. Anyways here are my favorite episode and why I like them and if any things were wrong.

    A Family Affair

    First episode and it was what made me love Meerkats. Mitch was saved by Shakespeare! They also tell you a lot about meerkats in this episode. Let's see you meet Zaphod, Shakespeare, Mozart, Baddiel, Mitch, Kinkaju and a whole lot more than like almost any other episode.

    Love Thy Neighbor

    We get to meet the Lazuli and Carlos. At the Whiskers we meet Daisy aka Super Furry Animal.

    Some Like It Hot

    We get to meet Yossarian and…

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    Rest In Peace

    October 23, 2010 by Sir Rock

    Here are all the beloved deceased meerkats who have died that I cared about. Many of my favorite meerkats are no longer with use and I miss them so I made this blog to remember them. I'll add as life keeping going. I have many favorites in all the mobs. They dones something that made me like them, though I like many meerkats who didn't do much either, but I liked them anyways. Also there were many meerkats who I didn't like but have died and I not too sad they died, though the death of any animal is sad.

    Meerkats whom's death has no yet been discovered or not yet public. Also here are meerkats with differant deaths that are not predation, disease or Last Seen.


    Hawkeye was a great dominant female. She was my favorite beside Mitch in her…

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