Russle Hunters

Russle Hunters was the daughter of Kimberly Hunters, who was the dominate female of the group at the time. She and her littermates survived to adulthood and eventually Kimberly dies due to a black mamba. Russle then fights her sisters for dominance and it finally comes down to Russle and her older sister Keeper. After a series of long, harsh battles, Russle is able to win dominance over her older sister. Hunters then split and did not reunite. Russle continued to lead the splinter group with her step-father, Streak, which consisted of roughly 17 animals. The splinter group was named Cherokees, since the land they had made home formerly belonged to Mayans (lost group). Keeper took dominance in this group....

Russle's story is a fiction and will probably end up on the Fanon. Until then, it is on this page...

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