• Mik15


    This blog is about what your favorite Groups and Dominant pairs are currently in the Habitauted Groups. I will give an example. you must it must be the meerkats are in the study area. and you may choice the Dominant couple of each group yourself what will be the Dominant couple as you may choice

    Whiskers: Ella Whiskers and Thundercat Lazuli

    Lazuli: Young Lazuli and Wollow Whiskers

    Baobob: Cruise Whiskers and Al Capone Baobob

    Van Helsing: Adhuil Van Helsing and Kiboko Baobob

    Jaxx: Diana Lazuli and Rufus Whiskers

    Toyota: Hoodwink Toyota and Titan Van Helsing

    Kung Fu: Kleintjie Gattaca and Ningaloo Whiskers

    Aztecs: Moncuculus Whiskers and Al Pacino Baobob

    Rascals: Rioja Rascals and Grus Rascals

    Frisky: Quaver Frisky and Falco Drie Doring

    Drie Dorin…

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