When you were born on March 15 2000 your family knew were destined for greatness. Even your mother Holly looked down at you and saw something special in you. When you were a young pup you'd play with your sister and your brothers. At the death of your sister you were sad and sought comfort from your family. As you grew older you babysat the pups your mother had. when your mother's life was taken by a Hawk your whole family mourned at her loss. In Early 2002 you found love in a young Vivian male named Zaphod. A couple of months later you gave birth to your first children, but sadly their lives were cut short by your sister Vialli.

    You were then kicked out of your family. Stranded you had no where to go, but after your sister gave birth she let

you back in. A month after Vialli gave birth she was taken by a predator. In November 2002 you took charge of your family for the very first time. Time after time you led your family through trials and tribulations. You mothered children who adored you and looked to you for guidance. but sadly on Jan 25 2007 your life was taken by a Cape Cobra. Your death was a huge blow to your family but mostly to your mate. But you had a lasting legend in the Whiskers.

   You were not just a meerkat but a Faithful leader and a protective mother to your family. You led them through good and bad.

Even facing certain death you did what you knew was right.

    This is a tribute for the Kalahari queen the meerkat that not only moved the hearts of your family but the hearts of the people of the world. This is for you Flower Whiskers. You ascended into Meerkat Legend. 
                                Rest In Peace Flower you will be missed

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