Shakespeare is a brave,brave meerkat.He was the true hero.Shakespeare saved Mitch when he was abounded.He also was bitten by a snake.Shakespeare was very weak,but survived.Shakespeare was usually on the lookout.I think he was a very loyal,sweet meerkat.He was a caring baby-sitter.He is very couragas and brave.Shakespeare was very genorus.Here is the poem,in memory of Shakespeare;

Rest In Peace Dear Shakespeare

You were the bravest one

You are as couragas as a lion

So sweet like candy

You were very loyal

Te true hero if the Kalahari

You were very special

We all love you Shakespeare.

I think Shakespeare was the true hero.People always say Mitch is,but Shakespeare is the real hero.I wish he was a leader,u know he would be a loyal one.He never went roveing,he was to loyal to leave his family.Shakespeare is a brave,amazing little meerkat.

May you rest in peace,my little brave Shakespeare.

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