All meerkats are heroes,but these meerkats helped alot. Shakespeare he was very brave and a fighter.He saves Micth,and was bitten by a snake.He survveid,and would always be on the lookout.Shakespeare was very loyal and one of the most sweetest males I've ever seen.Shakespeare would be a great leader.He is very couragas,and very strong and brave indeed.Rest In Peace brave hero!


Flower was a brave leader and a careing mother.She procted her family for a long time.She was Ferless,by leading many battles and she is couragas.Flower went down underground,and was bitten by a snake.Flower was a sweet little brave meerkat.She was strong and brave.Rest In Peace Brave Queen!


He took Shakespeare's place as hero.He was always on the lookout and was Ferless.Micth was a great baby-sitter and an amazing fighter.Micth was loyal and sweet.Micth often helped pups and tried to save Ren and Stummpy.Micth was very brave and sweet.He disspered and may be alive.Rest In Peace hero successor!


She was careing and brave.She was evicted for six months and lived.Baddiel was a great surviver and loyal too.Baddiel was a noble mother and she was fersless.Baddiel had her courage to come in the Whiskers and become the Whiskers leader.Flower found her and Baddiel ackated her but lost.She was evicted again but JD was by her side.She is very sweet.JD left her alone to defend for herself.Rest in Peace Brave Kalahari Surviver!

Hannibal I like calling him Hannibal way more better than Jim Bob.He was a fersless leader to,and was very strong.He was ackated by a prendter,and lived but lost an eye.It didn't bother him,and that makes him very brave and couragas.He was a awsome leader.Rest In Peace Brave Leader!


She was a storng mother and brave leader.She knew how to help her family and was couragas.Rest In Peace Strong Mother!


He was loyal and sweet.He is a really sweet meerkat and he was also a hero.Rest In Peace Little Loyal Hero!

Rocket Dog

The best susscer of Flower,and the brave leader.She saves her pups and was a careing mother.She was a brave leader too.Rest In Peace Whiskers Princesecss!


He saved Axel and was very brave.I think he is very cool.Rest In Peace Kalahari Saver

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