Benzedrine (VCDF002) is one of my favorite dominant females who was in one episode of MM. Let me tell you a little about her history.

She was born in January 2005 in the now lost Commandos. Her mother was Zorilla, who sadly died from TB in 2009 and her father was Aragorn who died in 2007. She also had two litter-mates Ketamine(VCDM001) and Ethylene(VCDF003) but both of them are no longer with us. She and Kleintjie were soon evicted in 2007 by her mother and they founded Kung Fu by joining with Whiskers males and two wild males. Benzedrine was evicted again in July 2008 by her aunt Kleintjie from the group. She soon teamed up with Finn and founded the Sequoia, which she soon became the dominant female of.

Since then she has had pups and and mate. She is an awesome DF and the last living Commandos member alive with us in the KMP. May she be with us for years to come.

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