Rocket Dog young dominant

Rocket Dog

This Blog was posted on April 7, 2010. Now Look how old this is! The poem was writen on April 1 in my math class. I like to write and draw my favorite meerkats. This one is for Rocket Dog. I will make more for the other dominant females who have died too or disappared and were Last Seen. And the others who were not dominant females. And of corse the dominant males and other males too.

I met to post this on April 1th but i was too tired when I got home from school. Then I lost my note book for three days till I when back to school to get it. The earthquak on Sunday and the fact my dog got hurt messed my scedual up so I didn't get a chance to post this till now.

This is a poam to Rocket Dog. This poam is metaphorical, relating to rockets and sputnik2, which contained the first living creature sent into space. Sputnik 2 was nicknamec pupnik since it carried a dog named Laika into space. Also one of my many cats was born on April 1th and her mother was born on April 4th. So those days are important to me even if Rocket Dog died on my cat's birhtday and everything seemed to go wrong on the 4th.

Anyways, here's my little poam to Rocket Dog, the Dominant Female of the Whiskers after Flower.

The Rocket Dog

By Aniju Aura

Rocket Dog1

Rocket Dog as the dominant female

Fire burning bright

Lifting aloft

In to the night

To some place soft

Earth falling down

Leaving the world below

No longer bound

It is time to go

Past the clouds and satellites

Beyond the planets and moons

Above the comets and meteorites

A new world looms

At last greeted by your family

Now here’s the end of my poem

And we can say finally

Sputnik has come home

Aniju Aura 06:34, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

To Rocket Dog and all the others Lost

Believe by Blood on the Dance Floor

Rocket Dog4

Rocket Dog

Believe in me...

When you feel like you're losing all your hopes and dreams.

Believe in me...

When I am gone you gotta keep a smile on.

Believe in me..

Goodbye my friends; Just celebrate the times we spent.

Believe in me...

Rocket Dog's Intro

Rocket Dog is Top Kat

We all die; It's an awfully big adventure.

Believe in me. When I'm gone...

We all fall down but we'll pick you up...

We all fall down but we'll pick you up...

Believe in me...

Just keep your faith and believe in all that you make.

Rocket Dog and Zaphod

Zaphod and Rocket Dog

Believe in me...

My love is not a gamble; You can count on me.

Believe in me...

No lies, Just love; I will be pure just like the sun.

Believe in me...

When you are down I will lift you up from the ground.

Believe in me... When I'm gone...

We all fall down but we'll pick you up….

We all fall down but we'll pick you up…

Rocket Dog and Axel

Rocket Dog and adopted son Axel

If you're afraid of death,

It'll come at you at the speed of light.

But if your not afraid of death,

It will cast its shadowy eyes upon you.

And guide you into the eternal, infinity.

Believe in me, When I'm gone...

We all fall down but we'll pick you up…

We all fall down but we'll pick you up…

I love you....

From Sir Rock

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