Rufus was the first page I created on this wikia, and was the first edit I ever made. He was my favorite Whisker dominant male when I came to work here. Rufus was the only meerkat out of his litter of seven that did not have a page. Even Chiriqui and Etosha had pages and they didn't live as long. Rufus had done some interesting things so he deserved a page. And so I made a user name and created a page for him. Little did we know he had taken dominance of the Lazuli at that time. Rufus was a good sentry and an excellent dominant male, he never roved while Young was at his side. He did rove once when there was a Lazuli group split but when the two halves rejoined he stayed by Young's side. He wasn't aggressive towards the other males like Wollow had been and Rufus was seen with the pups often. He may have been over looked because Zaphod and Ningaloo were still in the KMP as dominance, and he may not have been everyone's favorite, but he was my favorite. I will miss him dearly and I hope some of his pups may become dominants in the future.

We have lost so many meerkats that were alive and dominants when I came to work here in early 2010. I will miss them, even Billy, but I look forward to seeing what the next generation will do now that they are dominants.

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