Drie Doring

Uranus Drie Doring


was born on March 25, 2009 in the Drie Doring Mob. His mother was Mist but his father was either Bramley, Back Jack, Allegro or Spider Pig.? His litter-mates were one sister Utopia(VDF135) and two brothers Boetie(VDM136) and Sebeto(VDM137). They survived to their first year. Uranus started roving with his two brothers and the older males. The dominant male Thor left the group and Finn MacCool became the dominant male. Uranus and the other Drie Doring males were frequent rovers. During one roving trip in June 2010, Uranus mated with Frisky's dominant female, Quaver. He fathered two of her pups, Teapot and Crane. Finn MacCool, Sebeto and Boetie left the group in Janaury 2011, Falco became the dominant male. In April 2011 Uranus was absent from the Drier Doring but luckily he returned the next month. In June 2011 he went roving his uncle Falco, Fezzik and two younger brother VDM43 and VDM148.


They four males came across the Frisky Mob, where Falco established dominant. Fezzik rejoined the Drie Doring making Uranus the oldest subordinate male but returned the following month. Most of the adult males were out roving so the four males hung around the group. After sometime the dominant female Quaver accepted them into the group. Uranus roved frequently during his time at the Frisky until he eventually disappeared. He was Last Seen in November 2011.


Drie Doring Mob

Frisky Mob

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