Uncle Max

Unlce Max

Uncle Max
is an animated meerkat character from the Walt Disney movie The Lion King 3: Hakunah Matata (also called The Lion King 1/2). He is an old relative of Timon and has a bit of an attitude. Uncle Max's fur is a duller colour than Timon's, evidence of his age.

The Lion King 3

In The Lion King Unlce Max is first seen singing along to "Diggah Tunnah" until he is interupted by Ma, asking if he's seen Timon. Uncle Max quite happily explains that Timon (a real troublemaker amongst the meerkat community) hasn't been around. However, straight afterwards the tunnel collapses and Timon is revealed responsible for the incident. A little bit later, Uncle Max tries to scare Timon by exclaiming that meerkats are "feared by no one and eaten by all". But Ma demands that Max leaves, and so he does. Uncle Max is next seen in distress over Timon being chosen for sentry. Max teaches Timon how to perform lookout duty, but the younger meerkat fails to notice hyenas advancing on the group. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (the hyenas) attack Uncle Max, but the meerkat survives and turns a cold shoulder to Timon.

Uncle Max doesn't reappear in the film until the near-end. He is disgusted by Timon's disguise (a hula costume) but is pleased with the plan. Unlce Max digs a tunnel beneath some attack hyenas while Ma supports the roof with branches lined up. Max kicks the branch, causing the sticks to knock over and the roof to collapse, but one stick gets caught on a rock. However, Timon rushes below to quickly remove the branch, making the tunnel cave in,
Uncle Max the Meerkat

Disney's Old Meerkat

taking the hyenas with it. After defeating the hyenas, Uncle Max finally shows some respect for Timon by giving him a choking hug. When peace returns to the Pride Lands, Uncle Max and the rest of the meerkat family relax at their new, tunnel-free and predator-less home.


Timon Berkowitz

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