The Umbongo was formed in 1999 by evicted Young Ones females along with pups. They teamed up with two Frisky males. The males were seen feeding the pups on the first day the group formed. The dominance pair was decided but soon was predated. The following dominant pair was also predated and soon disease hit the group. The remaining Umbongo died out in early 2001.

Dominant Pair

It is unknown who was the first dominant pair. Pooh and Roo were the oldest females and the same age. Pooh probably took dominance first because she died in September 2000, leaving Roo as the oldest females in the group. Roo died in April 2001. Both Frisky males were probably the dominant male at some point till both were predated.

All Known Members

It is unknow if any litter of pups were born in this group.

Pooh (VYF012)

Roo (VYF013)


Oliver (VYM0??)

AmidalIa (VYF0??)

Frisky male

Frisky male


Late 1999: Pooh, Roo, VYF020, Oliver and Amidalla teamed up with two Frisky males. Pooh and one of the Frisky males took dominance.

September 2000: Pooh was predated. Roo became the dominant female. AmidalIa and Oliver were Last Seen.

April 2001: Roo died.

In 2001: The Umbongo was Lost to disease.

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