October 2016: Logi, Minusch and Daisy joined up with wild males VUBM001 and VUBM002. Logi took female dominance, unknown male dominance. Daisy was pregnant but aborted. Minusch gave birth but her litter was lost. Logi gave birth to VUB?003, VUB?004, and VUB?005.

November 2016: Paddington joined the group. Minusch was pregnant.

December 2016: Logi, Minusch and Daisy were pregnant. Minusch aborted. Paddington went roving. Minusch and Daisy were evicted and encountered twice. Paddington, Minusch, and Daisy were absent.

January 2017: Paddington, Minusch and Daisy returned to the group. Paddington was found dead. Minusch was pregnant. Logi and Daisy gave birth to VUB?006, VUB?007, VUB?008, VUB?009, VUB?010, and VUB?011. Logi, Chewbacca, and Mariachi were encountered. Logi was absent.

February 2017: Logi was bitten by a snake and Minusch overthrew her. Minusch was pregnant. Logi was evicted, encountered and absent.

March 2017: Minusch gave birth but her litter was lost. Daisy was pregnant. Logi was encountered twice and absent.

April 2017: Logi returned. Daisy gave birth to VUBP012, VUBP013 and VUBP014.

May 2017: VUBP014 was predated. Minusch was pregnant but aborted.

June 2017: VUBF012 is predated. VUBM001 and VUBM007 go roving and are absent.

July 2017: VUBM001 and VUBM007 go roving and are absent.

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