Twix JaXX

Twix JaXX

Date of Birth
October 31, 2008
Date of Death
June 28, 2012
Cause of Death
Known For
Snicker's brother
Also Known As
Joining the Toyota


Twix(VTYM009) was born October 31, 2008 into the JaXX Mob. His mother was Diana and his father was Vince who were the dominant couple at the time. Twix's litter-mates were Snickers(VJXM010), Kit-Kat(VJXF011), Rolo(VJXM012) and Boost(VJXM013). Twix and his siblings survived their first months. His mother Diana gave birth in January 18, 2009 to four pups. Twix and his siblings were no longer the youngest in the group yet they were fend for themselves. At three months of age, Twix was too young to help his mother with the new pups. Twix father Vince, Spike and Boost disappeared in May, and Kori became the dominant male. Twix was around five months old at the time. In July 1, 2009 Twix litter-mate sister Kit-Kat was predated. Twix started to roving at a year of age. In early 2011 Rolo disappeared along with Wolfie. In July Twix went roving along with Snickers, Rococo and Ole. They left the JaXX for good and joined another group.


The new group was the Toyota Mob that had recently lost their dominant pair. The Toyota were being lead by Hoodwink. All the adult males including the dominant mle Paymister were away roving. The four JaXX males made their way into the Toyota and kicked out most of the other adult males, who joined Paymister and a few Godzilla females. Despite being one of the oldest males it was Rococo who took dominance. He could not hold on to it for very long. Twix had a chance to lead in Rococo's place. In the end, it was Snickers who came out on top. Within a month, Hoodwink died of TB. Chimp took dominance in her place even though she was not the oldest female still in the Toyota. She soon gave birth in Janaury 2012 to four pups but only three of the pups survived. Twix help out with babysitting. Things were look up for the Toyota till two of the females Chimp and Peanut died from disease in March leaving the group with just one adult female. In June 2012 Twix succumbed to disease along with Snickers, Ole and Toyota male Nabby.


JaXX Mob

Toyota Mob

Vince JaXX

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