Twatty(VBBM059) was born in between February 21-26, 2010 in the Baobab Mob. His mother was Cruise and his father was most likely Al Catraz. His litter-mates were VBBM057, VBBP058, Crunchy(VBBM060) and VBBP061. Before Twatty was born, his mother and father and several females had just returned from a short-lived splinter group known as the Urukhai Mob. Their mother was not the dominant female at the time of their birth, Hawkeye, Cruise's litter-mate sister, was the dominant female of the Baobab. She had aborted her litter and Cruise had killed the other pregnant females' litters before giving birth to Twatty and her litter-mates. All the pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Al Catraz left the group and disappeared after briefly joining the Moomins. In April Hawkeye was killed by a car and Cruise became the dominant female. Sadly VBBP058 and VBBP061 were predated in the following months. Twatty and his remaining litter-mates survived to their first year. Twatty and his brother started roving with the adult males. Twatty went roving in August and disappeared. He was conisdered Last Seen.


Baobab Mob

Al Catraz Baobab

Crunchy Baobab

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