Turkey Aztecs


Formerly of the Mayans
Date of Birth
November 28, 2010
Date of Death
March 5, 2013
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Monkulus and unknown
Scrooge, Santa and Rednose
VMYP001, VMYP002 and VMYP003
Known For
First Dominant Female of Mayans
Also Known As
Dominant Female of Mayans


Turkey(VAZF028) was born in November 28, 2010 into the Aztecs Mob. Her mother was Monkulus and her father was an unknown male. Turkey was born into a litter of four, her litter-mates included her two sisters Scrooge(VAZF029), Santa(VAZF030) and one brother named Rednose(VAZM031). All of the pups survived to adulthood.Turkey started to help out with the pups, while her brother Rednose started to rove. Turkey's sister Santa gave birth to a mix litter with some other females in the group. In May 2012 Turkey's brother Rednose died of TB. In September 2012, Turkey was evicted from the group for the very first time but managed to rejoin the mob within a few days. In October Turkey was evicted along with a few of her sisters. The females were joined by several males, including Van Helsing males, but they soon left, and some Sequoia met up with the females. The males stayed with the females for a few days but join the Aztces during a group encounter. Then three dispersed Aztecs males named Che CheTabie  and Bosse joined up with the females. The females soon rejoined the Aztecs where Kathleen overthrew her mother the very next day. In November there was another group split in whihc most of the Aztecs members were in including Monkulus and Turkey.


The splinter group was called the Mayans. A singal Van Helsing male named Cecil joined the group but soon left when the Sequoia males and Aztecs males join the Mayans. The eldest females competed for dominance, except for Monkulus. Turkey became the dominant female in December with Yabou at the end of the month. In February Turkey gave birth to VMYP001, VMYP002 and VMYP003. After she gave birth, she allowed Kathleen to join the group. Also in February Yadou stopped acting as the dominant male, do to the fact he was infected with TB and died in March, mone of the other males took dominance in his place. In March, all of Turkey's pups were predated and there was still no dominant maleby her side. Towards the last few days of March, the Mayans experienced a group split, Turkey was left in the smaller group while her mother, Kathleen and most of the others were in the main group. Turkey was absent from the group with several other meerkats. Turkey and the other splinter members failed to return within the month and were considered Last Seen in March 2013. Scrooge became the new dominant female in the main group.


First litter, born in February 2013, most likely fathered by Yabou

VMYP001, Predated in March 2013

VMYP002, Predated in March 2013.

VMYP003, Predated in March 2013


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