Tumbo Kung Fu
Wild and Kung Fu Mob
Date of Birth
First Seen: November 7, 2007
Date of Death
April 2008
Cause of Death
Last Seen
First Seen with VKUM002
Known For
A Kung Fu founder


Tumbo(VKUM001) was First Seen on November 7, 2007, but was born in a wild mob. As an adult he went roving with another wild male, VUM002 who was First Seen on November 8, 2008. They were most likely from the same wild mob, possibly brothers. The two wild males joined two Whiskers male named Ningaloo and Wollow and Frisky mal named Clinton Baptiste. The males came arcoss two evicted females.

Kung Fu

Together all seven members formed the Kung Fu Mob. The oldest of the females named Kleintjie took dominant female over the other female named Benzedrine. Clinton Baptiste ousted the other males and became the dominant male. With dominance decided, the suborinate males started to rove. Wollow left the group, Tumbo roved at Whiskers during November and December. Then as winter was closing in, the males stopped roving. In March 8 Tumbo went roving. The dominant male Clinton Baptiste disappared probably predated. Timbo left the group, probably joined a wild group or returned to his birth mob like Wollow. He was Last Seen in April 8.


Kung Fu Mob

Clinton Baptiste Frisky

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