Tottenham Mob
Date of Formation
Haslam, Raul, Bukem and Cuthbert
Dominant Female
Dominant Male
Total Number of members
Last Seen
May 20, 2002
Cause of Last Seen
Last Known Members

Tottenham was a mob formed in 2001 by Lazuli females (including ex-dominant female of the Lazuli after she was overthrown by Cazanna) and Elveera males. The Lazuli teamed up with two Elveera male who had been displaced by the group of Vivian males that join the Lazuli. The group survived a year before disease hit in early 2002, killing the whole group. The group was considered lost then by the Kalahari Meerkat Project on May 20, 2002.

Dominant Pair

The positon of dominant male was Raul. The ex-dominant female of the Lazuli Haslam established dominance. After Raul died there were no other dominant males and not long the whole group became infected with TB.

All Known Members

Haslam (VLF0??) Dominant Female

Raul (VEM020) Dominant Male

Bukem (VLF0??)

Cuthbert (VEM084)

Unknown number of pups


It is believed that there had encounters with other groups. But did encounter puedieron be with Lazuli and Elveera

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