Tortilla Van Helsing


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Bananas daughter
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Tortilla (VVHF006) and her two sisters Juani,Chole and one brother Hoki-Tu were born on January 15,2008. Her mother was Whiskers female Bananas. Tortilla,her brother and sisters were born into a sourt of splinter group made up of evicted females from the Aztecs group consisting of her mother Bananas, and her two aunts Flo and Billy. The group 6 members(Flo,Billy,Bananas,Tortilla,Juani,Chole and Hoki-Tu) were joined by two wild males(Titan and Plonker) in February 2008 and the group of 9 was called Van Helsing Mob. The Van Helsing group had a territory bordering the Aztecs mob and by then the group still consisted of 9 members. Tortilla and her litter mates were still pups by then and their mother Bananas lost the fight for dominant female, Flo won dominance with wild male Titan(VVHM001). In March Tortilla is 3 months old and Bananas aborted a litter while Flo and Billy are still pregnant. Billy gave birth to one female named Troy and four males Mr. Jacky,Kapau Kakoo,Buzz and VVHM008 in April 2008. Flo lost her litter. With the arrival of Billy's litter Tortilla and her litter-mates were no longer the youngest in the group, Flo gave birth to Adhuil(VVHF012) and gave birth to another litter in November 2008 to 3 pups(Emma,Pepper and Cecil). Billy was evicted in December and Flo 3 pups survived, by then Tortilla was 1 year old in December. She was evicted for the very first time in January 2008 with her sister Chole and aunt Billy by Flo but after rejoining the group sometime later she got evicted again in August 2009 with with Billy and wild male Plonker, and rejoined the group again in September 2009. Flo was overthrown by Billy who took over as the dominant female. In October 2009 Tortilla and her sisters Juani and Chole and her cousin Troy were absent from the group and considered last seen in December 2009 after the 4 evicted Van Helsing females were thought to have emmigrated into an unknown wild group.


Mother: Bananas

Father: Probably Bruce

Brother: Hoki-Tu

Sisters: Chole and Juani

Grandmother: Flower

Grandfather: Zaphod


Bananas Whiskers

Hoki-Tu Van Helsing

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