Tofu Aztecs


Date of Birth
December 26, 2007
Date of Death
Janaury 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Being in the first litter ever born in the Aztecs
Also Known As
Lennon on Meerkat Manor

Tofu(VAZF002) was born in the Aztecs on December 26, 2007. Her mother was Monkulus, the dominant femle, and her father was Homestar Runner. Her litter-mates were Marmite(VAZM001), Abaca(VAZF003), and Piglet(VAZM004). The dominant male at the time they were born was Zaphod, the former dominant male of the Whiskers, who had just kicked their father out of the Aztecs. Tofu and her litter-mates were the first litter ever born in the mob. The group was small at the time, but all four pups made it to adulthood. Tofu was absent in January 2009 and was declared Last Seen when she failed to return.

Meerkat Manor

Tofu was seen in the final episode of Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation. She played a pup called' Lennon. Her siblings also played other meerkats. Marmite played McCartney, Piglet played Harrison, and Abaca played Ringo. They were the first pups born in the Aztecs to their mother Maybelline(Monkulus), and their father Homestar Runner helped to play Wilson.


Aztecs Mob

Monkulus Whiskers

Homestar Runner Young Ones

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