Toft VMMM018

Toft in the Moomins

was born on July 6, 2004 in the Moomins. His mother was Grumpy and his father was Burgan, they were the dominant pair at the time. Toft's littermates included his brother named Grandpa Grumble(VMMM015) and his two sisters named Mymble(VMMF016) and Misable(VMMF017). Toft and his littermates all survived to adulthood. His father sadly died in June 2007, and only a month later Mymble and Grandpa Grumble disappeared. Toft lived to be the oldest male in the group. In September 2007 he took up dominance alongside his mother. However, because he could not breed with Grumpy he didn't stay for long. In October 2007 he and three other males went roving and left the Moomins. Toft did not return and was considered Last Seen.


Moomins Mob

Drie Doring Mob

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