was born in March 2010 in the Sequoia Mob. His mother was Benzedrine and his father was Bruce. His litter-mates were Wee Radge(VSQF019), VSQF020, VSQF021 and Staculius(VSQM022). Both of Todger's unnamed siblings were assumed predated the month after they were born. The rest of the litter survived their first critical weeks of life. In June 2011 Todger and his brother, Staculius, started roving with older males of the group. 


In May 2012 there was a group split, giving rise to a new mob called Überkatz. Todger stayed in the Überkatz untill June when he and his father and brothers left the group for good. Todger's brother Staculius remained in the Überkatz.

Sausage Factory



The males formed a short-lived roving coalition called the Sausage Factory Mob, led by Bruce. The males visited the Aztecs before being joined by evicted Sequoia female named Hab. The males soon rejoined the Sequoia in July and kicked out two Aztecs males that had taken residents there. Bruce re-established dominance but Benzedrine had lost dominant to RU. Todger stayed in the Sequoia and helped to babysit RU's only litter as the dominant female. For almost a year no pups were born in the Sequoia so Todger and the other males spent more time roving.

Salami Factory

In July 2013 Todger his father and brothers went roving and when they returned to the Sequoia they found themselves replaced by new males. The Sequoia males were no longer welcomes in theior mob and so conitued to roving in a roving coalition called the Salami Factory Mob. One again Bruce took up dominance. Todger was the second oldest male in the coalition. However the mob started to show sign of disease and in September 2013 the males were lost after Bruce, the only collared animal, was predated.


Sequoia Mob

Überkatz Mob

Sausage Factory Mob

Salami Factory Mob

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