Drie Doring

Tobermory Drie Doring


was born on August 24,  2010 in the Drie Doring Mob. Her mother was Mist and her father was an unknown rover most probably from the  nearby Frisky. Tobermony was born with two litter-mate brothers Fingal(VDM148) and VDM147. Sadly VDM147 was predated the next month. As they were dominant female's pups, they were well looked after. Tobermony and her remaining brother survived to adulthood. Fingal started to rove with the older males in the group. He left the group in June 2011 at the age of ten months old and joined the Frisky with the older males, leaving Toblernony as the last of her litter still in the Drie Doring. She was pregnant for the first time soon after. She gave birth to VDM158, VDP159 and VDM160 in October 2011. By November VDM158 and VDM160 were predated. The next month VDP169 was also predated leaving Tobermory with no survining pups. Throughout 2012 and 2013 Tobermory was frequently evicted from the group. She was sadly Last Seen in August 2013 along with Tanzania and Bonnie after they had been evicted.

Flaka Flaka

Two years later in August 2015 Tobermory made her return in a wild group that was called the Flaka Flaka Mob. She was fitted with a radio callor and the group became to be tracked and habituated. It is most likely the females had joined up with wild meerkats to form a new mob. Tanzania was the oldest of the evicted females, however Tobermory may have taken dominance, possibly after Tanzania. However as of current it is unknown if she is the dominant female of the Flaka Flaka. Tobermonry gave birth to a litter of two pups in September 2015. She was pregnant again throughout November and December, but she probably aborted or lost the litter shortly after giving birth, as no new pups ever emerged. In January 2016, a Drie Doring male, Tobermonry's younger brother , Taz joined the group. However, he soon took to roving and Tobermonry was the group's only member. She was Last Seen in March 2016.  


Drie Doring Mob

Flaka Flaka Mob

Mist Drie Doring

Fingal Drie Doring

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