Tiger's Paw

Tiger's Paw

Tiger's Paw(VKUF010) was born in August 2008 in the Kung Fu Mob. Her mother was Kleintjie and her father was believed to be Ningaloo. Her litter-mates were her three sisters Eagle's Claw(VKUF010), Pai Mei(VKUF012) and Dragon's Fist(VKUF008). In December 2009 Tiger's Paw and many of her sisters were evicted from the group by dominant female Kleintjie. All of them except for Tiger's Paw managed to return to the group within a month. Tiger's Paw was Last Seen in December 2009.


Mother: Kleintjie

Father: Ningaloo

Sisters: Eagle's ClawDragon's Fist and Pai Mei


Kung Fu Mob

Eagles Claw Kung Fu

Dragon's Fist Kung Fu

Pai Mei Kung Fu

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