July 216: Gyllyngvase joined up with Chewbacca, Poletjie, Sarah-Anne, and Genie. Gyllyngvase and Chewbacca became the dominant pair. Poletjie went roving. One encounter with Lazuli and Ewoks. Sarah-Anne was pregnant.

August 2016: Gyllyngvase died from TB. Sarah-Anne became the new dominant female and gave birth to VTKP001. Puddington joined the group but soon left. Genie went roving once. Chewbacca and Genie left the group and joined the Quintessentials. Unknown dominant male. Two encounters with Stump's Angels, one with Quintessentials and an unknown group. Signs of TB.

September 2016: Poletjie became the dominant male shortly. Sarah-Anne was pregnant but aborted. Pet, K-Quob and two unknown adults visited the group.  Pet and K-Quod joined the group. Poletjie left the group and rejoined the Ewoks. Pet became the new dominant male. K-Quob left the group and rejoined the Whiskers. VTKP001 went missing and was assumed predated. Pet went roving twice and was absent.

October 2016: VEKF032 emigrated. Tracking of the Thunderkatz was suspended.

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