Thumper Whiskers was born on the 15th March 2000 in the Whiskers group. His mother was Holly(VYF008) and his father was Kine(VRRM002). He was born with three litter-mates, these was his brother Hazel(VWM023) and his two sisters Petal(VWF025) and Flower(VWF026). The Whiskers by then numbered eighteen meerkats. Thumper and was the largest pup in the litter. Before 2001, his mother Holly died and Risca(VWF004) took dominance. Thumper and Hazel began to rove with the other males. They left with two other Whiskers males, Beetle(VWM001) and Dennis Wise(VWM014) to visit the Young Ones. A group of eight Vivian males joined Whiskers and prevented the Whiskers rovers from returning to the group. Thumper and his roving band returned to the Whiskers but were chased off by Basil(VVM014) and Izit(VVM021). They soon joined a few Whiskers evicted females, Zola, Aphrodite, Artemis and formed the Hobgoblin which was soon lost. His brother Hazel disappeared. His sister Petal was killed by a goshawk. His greatest sister Flower, became dominant female of the Whiskers for five years.

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