Len and squiggy emerge

Len(Ren) and Squiggy(Stumpy)

The Whiskers were played by Whiskers

Flower was played by Flower

Zaphod was played by Zaphod

Sparkle was played by Bananas and an unknown male

Rocket Dog was played by Rocket Dog

Daisy was played by Finn

Mitch was played by Mitch, Zarathustra and Pozzo

Len was played by Ren

Houdini(Aurinko) in Tale of Len and Squiggy

Houdini (Aurinko)

Squiggy was played by Stumpy

Buster was played by Busta

Suggs was played by Suggs


The Zappa mob did not appear in this episode.

Houdini was played by Aurinko and an unknown meerkat

Unnamed Zappa Rovers were played by unknown Young Ones males

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