The Meerkats

The Meerkats

83 minutes
James Honeyborne
Narrated By
Paul Newman
Year of Production
Year of Release

The Meerkats is a ground-breaking 80-minute BBC film made in 2008 narrated by Paul Newman (it was his final movie before his death). It tells the story of Kolo, a young pup, who must discover what it means to be meerkat. He will face many dangers, from desert lions to aggresive honey badgers, and vicious cobras to Africa's unforgiving elements. He will meet ground squirrels, giraffes, weaver birds and much more. Tutored by his idol, his older brother, Kolo is taught how to hunt, fight, protect and survive. The Meerkats is a heart-warming family tale that reveals the most intimate meerkat moments with slow-motion shots, underground travelling (with the meerkats) and a bird's-eye view of the untamed beauty of the legendary Kalahari Desert.


Kolo - The only named character and star of the film. Kolo is very adventurous in comparison to his siblings and often gets himself into trouble.

Kolo's Brother - A loyal yearling meerkat. The brother saves Kolo numrous times and performs many duties as a sentry, babysitter and teacher.

Kolo's Mother - Most likely the dominant female of the group. Kolo's mother has two litters of six and is harmed during a territorial war with a rival group.

Kolo's Father - A character with a very brief appearence. Kolo's father rescues a pup from a Martial Eagle.

The Release

In late 2008 The Meerkats was first released in France, where it was shown in theatres, and then in Japan, also in cinemas. Following counties only had DVD releases. Some countries, such as the UK, Australia and throughout Europe, were left waiting until mid-2009 for the DVD. English titles for the film have been known to vary. For instance, the British version was renamed Meerkats, The Movie.


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