Groke VMMM011

The Groke on sentry

The Groke(VMM011) was born on January 20, 2004 in the mob called Moomins . His mother was Grumpy and his father was Burgan. His litter-mates were Hemulen, Snorkmaiden, Stinky and Too-Ticky. The litter survived to adulthood. Grumpy and Burgan were the dominant pair for four years. Burgan died in June 2007 and Toft took male dominance. The Moomins group split and Groke probably left with the other half leaving his mother and sister with a small group of six females. Grumpy, Little My, Hemulen, Misable, Regopstaan and Frida were all that was left.


Mother: Grumpy
Groke Sentinel

Groke keeping watch

Father: Burgan

Siblings: Snorkmaiden, Stinky, Hemulen and Too-Ticky

Grandmother: Ziziphus and Morgause

Grandfather: Belgarion and Keros


Moomins Mob

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