• In reality Mozart was not killed by a jackal but by a bird of prey. Footage of a deceased unknown female was used instead as Mozart's body was said to be "too gruesome to show to her fans".
  • It was said that Hannibal(Jim Bob) had been the dominant male of over three years. He had become the dominant male in May 2005 and reigned until his death in April 2007, so in reality he was only dominant for nearly two years.
  • The story of Mozart and Wilson (mostly played by unknown males) was entirely fabricated. After living to become the sole survivor of her group, Mozart spent the remainder of her days alone. She lasted roughly two weeks before her remains and radio collar were discovered on April 16, 2007.
  • The alleged fight scene between Whiskers and Commandos used footage of play-fighting meerkats. In fact they had used footage from a previous episode, Journey's End, of Whiskers meerkats play-fighting.
  • This is the last episode in which the Commandos are played by the Vivian, which includes the famous one-eyed Hannibal(Jim Bob) and his mate Nikita(Rhian). In season four the Commandos are played by the real Commandos group led by Zorilla (who takes over the role of Nikita).

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