• The meerkat who played as the pup Bing (Panthro) grew up to become a dominant male of the Commandos.
  • In the fourth season the meerkat who played as Milly (Wiley Kat) goes by her real name
  • This episode and the following episode The Quiet Fields/The Killing Fields are the only episodes in which the characters Milly, Shelly(Cheetara) and Bing are mentioned.
  • This is the first time on the show where Mozart had to choose between her family and her pups. She was faced with the situation again in Sister Act in season 3. In reality Mozart's pups were not lost. She gave birth to WollowMiss Lily the PinkJu Drop and KarimFlower allowed them to live and the group took care of them, but Mozart was later evicted and went on to form the Starsky Mob

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