Meerkats Actors

Rocket Dog is played by Rocket Dog

Zorro is played by Zarathustra

Seacrest/Lone Star is played by Jogu/Burdock

Note: Seacrest/Lone Star was actually palyed by two meerkats in this episode. The one who roves and mates with Nikkita (Zorilla) is Jogu, one of Tosca's sons. But, Jogu never joins the Aztecs. In fact, he continues roving and leaves the study area soon ater. The meerkat who joins the Aztecs is a young Whiskers female, Burdock. She remained in the Aztecs till today.

Sophie is played by Ella

Nikkita is played by Zorilla

Zaphod is played by Zaphod

Maybelline is played by Monkulus

Hawkeye is played by Hawkeye

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