Drie Doring


The Dread Pirate Roberts in 2009

The Dread Pirate Roberts(VDM132) was born in the Drie Doring Mob on September 18, 2008. His mother was Mist who was a subordinate female. His father was either Bramley or a wild rmale. He had three litter-mates, Captain Planet(VDM129), Commander Keen(VDF130) and Spaceman Spiff(VDF131). His grandmother Makonkie was the dominant female and she gave birth to a litter as well. Mist's pups were allowed to live and they survived to adulthood. The Dread Pirate Roberts started to rove. He didn't stay in the Drie Doring long around a year and a half. He left the group along with his uncle Thor and was Last Seen. They probably joined a wild group near the Drie Doring.


Mother: Mist.

Father: Unkown.

Brother: Captain Planet.

Sisters: Commander Keen and Spaceman Spiff.


Drie Doring Mob

Mist Drie Doring

Makonkie Drie Doring

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